Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Times at the Beach 2010

Sweet Kisses!!!
Eating ice cream at Durbin Farms in Clanton, AL on our way to the beach!! YUMMO!!
At the resturant there is a gift shop with fresh produce and plants. Well, Jacob decided to earn his keep and water the flowers.
Daddy is the best!!! Jacob got his own ice cream cone.

Got my sunglasses--check
Got my pool braclet--check
Got to get my mommy and daddy to take me to the pool.
Baby Jacob really liked the beach much better this year. However he wanted to spend most of his time in the "baby pool" also known as a swimming pool. He loves the water and have no fear at all.
Ben and I have made a mistake with Jacob. I bought a huge bag of dumb dumb suckers and now Jacob thinks he has to have one all of the time. I will admit that suckers really do help when you are in a resturant and Jacob is getting anxious.
Fun times playing in the sand with a growing mommy.
Whenever we would walk back to the condo from the pool Jacob wanted to wear his cute hat. He also wanted everyone else to wear their hat too. He is such a mess.

Giving his favorite toys a bath in the ocean. I think in the this picture we have "Lightning" from the movie cars and "big ole orange truck"
Oh Buppy...I love you so...

Riding a race car on the carousel at Bay Towne Wharf
I am sorry...I know that Jacob is mine but this picture just bring such joy to my heart. How can you not just smile seeing that sweet precious face!!!!
Great Family Picture...minus the chicken arms that Jacob is sporting.
We went and had dinner at Seaside and were fortunate enough find a bubble gun for Jacob while we waited for our table. Needless to say he LOVED it!!! So fun.
Our sweet Mimi and Buppy...still in love after almost 36 years of marriage. We are so thankful for such a good and Godly example to follow.
Let the Family Beach Pictures begin.....

Playing in the "boat" with Aunt Wene and Momma at Mimi and Buppy's Condo in Sea Grove.
Oh what fun times Jacob has playing in Memomma's dirt!! I hope he has a green thumb like the rest of the sweet Beavers' Family. Y'all know he won't get it from me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

BIrds, Birds, Birds!!!!

I just had to post about how sweet Jacob's teachers are at school. Mrs. Karen, Mrs. Vicki, and Miss Katy are the best! Baby Jacob has loved birds since he was 6 months old. We have numerous pictures of him feeding or calling birds. Well, Mrs. Karen noticed that Jacob was always going to the window looking for birds and decided to come up with a craft for the kids to do to attract BIRDS. So here is a picture of the bird feeders that they made and hung on the tree outside their class window. A fun craft of bread and Cherrios. I love it!!!
I was so touched that his teachers are so in tune with what the children like and create crafts around those interests!!! We are so blessed to have such a great Godly place for our sweet baby boy to go and learn and play. God is so good!!

PS- if you ask Baby Jacob what his name is....he will simply say "Baby".
Do you think it's time to stop calling him Baby Jacob???? I just can't!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010's been a very long time

Well...Well...Well...So it comes as no surprise that I have not updated the blog in over 5 months!!! Well, a lot has happened since then and I wanted to post a ridiculous amount of pictures. Hope you all enjoy!!! Baby Jacob is now 19 month and is wonderful!!! He is so full of life and a constant joy. Ben and I have never been happier or more blessed. PS- blogger is so slow at uploading pictures which is enough headache alone for me not to update the blog. Any tips on updating pictures faster would be greatly appreciated!!! Happy and Blessed New Year Friends!!!! Love y'all!!!
Loves to color on the drive way.
If you ask him what color anything is...he will always say "geeen" and then if you look at him like he got it wrong he will say
"boo"? So cute.
Baby Jacob has experienced his first love...

Ben has such a green thumb!! We have had fresh tomatoes all summer long. Thanks you Memomma for the plant!!!
Got to love a boy that will eat tomatoes off the vine!!!!
A very hot day at the park and
crazy geese almost ate us alive for the stale bread!!!
Oh how I love my shoes and feeding the birds off the back porch!!
Baby Jacob love birds, bugs, and shoes!!!
Mamaw brought us some bird feed so that we can consistently have birds at our back step!
Yep, Baby Jacob has shoes on with his pjs.
That is what he wanted and I am learning slowly but surely that I need to pick my battles. Ha.
Buppie and Baby Jacob on the tractor/lawn mower
We usually ride Baby Jacob on the tractor after Ben gets finished mowing the yard!!
He loves it!! No worries the blade is up!
We got to go and spend Labor Day at the beach with some of my besties from college!!!
What a true blessing it is to have such precious girls in my life!!!
The husbands also got along beautifully!!
It was a lot of fun!!
Playing with Memomma's gate
Memomma and Baby Jacob this summer in her beautiful yard!!!
My First Fort
My Dada is the best at making forts!!!
Chickens at Daddy Mac and Momma Mac's house
(look close...the chicken is about to peck Baby Jacob's little hand)

Dada and Baby Jacob taking a nap
(our "PAS" has been broken for the last 3 months and believe it our not it was not that big of a deal to get rid of the "PAS"...I was amazed)
Walrus??? Nope, sweet boy with McDonald's "fi fies"!!
Yes, I give my child only organic milk but feed him McDonald's french fries!!!
Makes a ton of sense to me, plus who can resist those hot, salty, potato sticks???
Got to love some clean eating!!
How fun a tunnel in my living room!!!! So much fun!!!
Look what my Dada made for me!!!!
Baby Jacob in the play house Maw made many many years ago for Ben.
Oh my...this play house is so very sweet!!! Ben's grandmother, Maw, (who has lived with Jesus since Ben was 5) made this play house and Mrs. Becky had kept it so that the future grand babies can play with it. It is precious and so special!!!
Baby Jacob loves his Dada's boots!!!

He can walk in them pretty well too!!!
Sweet Love from Gigi!!
My buddy
My buddy
Where I go, sheeeee goes
My buddy My buddy
My buddy and me!!!
What, is my hair messed up?????
MSU football game
Sliding with mama is so fun...let's do it 500 times at Kendall's birthday party.
Some Sweet Love for Anna Grant
(isn't this pictures so precious)
Sweet Caroline and Baby Jacob
This sweet picture makes my heart melt!!! Oh how I love both my men!!!
Yummy...Sharing snow cones is so fun at The Orchard's Fall Festival
(side note: all three boys had strep 1 week later)
Oh what sweet friends all dressed up in our pumpkins!!! Love it!!!
A decent attempt at a family photo
Jacob loves loves loves chickens!!! It was only appropiate that he be one for Halloween.
My Daddy and Papaw both have chickens.
Halloween (age 5 months)
Halloween (age 17 months)
Are these pictures strangely similar????
Every year Daddy Mac and Momma Mac throw a huge Halloween party for Mac and Allie's friends!!! It is always such fun.
Ps- the skeleton moves and roars when you touch it.
Baby Jacob loved it!!!
How cute is a chicken named Jacob and a kitten named Maggie??
Sweet picture of Kellye and Kendall
How cute is sweet baby Kendall in this picture!!! I love it!
Yep, Baby Jacob is in Ella Grace's baby dolls high chair!!
Family Halloween Picture

Halloween group child is the one that is about to escape.
Clip clop was my horse when I was a baby 30 years ago. Baby Jacob loves it and is fearless on the poor horse.
Our little monkey decided that he would also help Dada with the curtians!!! If anyone has a beautiful warm color to paint a very casual dining room....please, please let me know!!! I cannot find the right fit for this room. Hence the beautiful paint samples on the wall.
Why is learning to eat with a "poon" so fun and messy??
Yes...we think boots and pjs look great together!!!
(Notice: pjs and shoes again)
What is my son doing in the neighbors dog kennell???? So curious and all boy. I am just glad that he did not let Sadie(dog) out so that he could get in her kennel. Ha.
Oh what joy it brings to Baby Jacob when our Dada gets home from work!!!! Ben is pretty happy to see him as well.
I love this precious picture of Baby Jacob!!! I really feel that it captures his sweet joyful personality!!!
Oh how I love my Uncle Mac and my Aunt Allie
Merry Christmas and touch down MSU!!!
Baby Jacob's First Christmas parade (age 7 months)
Baby Jacobs 2nd Christmas Parade (age 19 months)
Ben and Jay selling hot chocolate at the annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast.
Bennie is such a "do gooder" and so cute too!!!
Pancake Breakfast before the parade with his buddies Ivey Kate and Anna Grant
We were so cold, but we did make it to see Santa Claus!! Such a fun day.
Baby Brody and Baby Jacob at the Christmas Parade! Jacob loves "BroDEE"
Work Christmas Party pic in Memphis
Mama Mac took Baby Jacob "outsiiiide" to jump on the trampoline at one of our family Christmas and I did not think we were going to him off of the thing!!! He loved it and had a big time jumping with all the big kids.
Family Photo
I do believe the greens clash but it is so hard to get a good family photo I will frame it in black and white!!!
Just Chillin watching Nemo!! I love to see him in his boots!
I have had that pleasure of having 2 weeks off of work with Baby Jacob this Christmas Season. One morning we spilled the entire box of fruit loops, broke a coffee cup, found a Christmas present, and managed to shut himself in a dark bathroom for 30 seconds while I answered the phone. Did I mention that all happened within 15 minutes. So fun!!!
Baby Jesus' Birthday Party at Ivey Kate and Brody's house
I tried so hard to get a cute little boy picture and this is the best I could do!! Who is surprised??
Busy, Busy, Busy!!!
Yep that is our son on the stage with pink sparkaly shoes on having a ball!!!
One afternoon I went in to get Jacob up from his nap and this is what I saw....Funny!!

Gucker? Boo? How about two peese?? tank choo!!
Translation: Sucker? Blue? How about two please? Thank you!!!
Like Father, Like Son!!! Ben did not like Santa either as a little boy. Funny thing is that while we were waiting in line Jacob was facinated with Santa, see what happened!!!
Mac, Allie (Addie) and Baby Jacob having a LARGE time at Scruggs. Aren't they so cute!!!
Mimi and Buppie gave Baby Jacob an "ARPANE" for Christmas and he could not be more happy!!! He always get to see arpanes at Mimi and Buppies house!!!
Oh what fun it is to read with Mimi
I pretty much have my hands full here....
Oh Mimi is so much fun....she really does let you jump on the bed!!!
Baby Jacob loves his Mimi and Buppie so very much!!!
The Family
The girls after Mr. Bill's Christmas Eve service. Alway such a special time!!!
Baby Jacob was a very good boy this year!!!!
Mac got a D-rex for Christmas and Baby Jacob was feeding it his orange cinnamon role.
Daddy Mac and Momma Mac gave Baby Jacob a "Lightening McQueen Car" for Christmas. Jacob loves it and nagivates it pretty well too!! Oh by the way it goes 2 miles an hour.

Every year at Ben's Memomma's house Mimi plays the piano and we sing Christmas carols before we open presents. Isn't that the most precious out of the movies thing you have ever heard of????
I hope that Jacob is a helper like his Dada!!! I am so blessed!!!