Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Times at the Beach 2010

Sweet Kisses!!!
Eating ice cream at Durbin Farms in Clanton, AL on our way to the beach!! YUMMO!!
At the resturant there is a gift shop with fresh produce and plants. Well, Jacob decided to earn his keep and water the flowers.
Daddy is the best!!! Jacob got his own ice cream cone.

Got my sunglasses--check
Got my pool braclet--check
Got to get my mommy and daddy to take me to the pool.
Baby Jacob really liked the beach much better this year. However he wanted to spend most of his time in the "baby pool" also known as a swimming pool. He loves the water and have no fear at all.
Ben and I have made a mistake with Jacob. I bought a huge bag of dumb dumb suckers and now Jacob thinks he has to have one all of the time. I will admit that suckers really do help when you are in a resturant and Jacob is getting anxious.
Fun times playing in the sand with a growing mommy.
Whenever we would walk back to the condo from the pool Jacob wanted to wear his cute hat. He also wanted everyone else to wear their hat too. He is such a mess.

Giving his favorite toys a bath in the ocean. I think in the this picture we have "Lightning" from the movie cars and "big ole orange truck"
Oh Buppy...I love you so...

Riding a race car on the carousel at Bay Towne Wharf
I am sorry...I know that Jacob is mine but this picture just bring such joy to my heart. How can you not just smile seeing that sweet precious face!!!!
Great Family Picture...minus the chicken arms that Jacob is sporting.
We went and had dinner at Seaside and were fortunate enough find a bubble gun for Jacob while we waited for our table. Needless to say he LOVED it!!! So fun.
Our sweet Mimi and Buppy...still in love after almost 36 years of marriage. We are so thankful for such a good and Godly example to follow.
Let the Family Beach Pictures begin.....

Playing in the "boat" with Aunt Wene and Momma at Mimi and Buppy's Condo in Sea Grove.
Oh what fun times Jacob has playing in Memomma's dirt!! I hope he has a green thumb like the rest of the sweet Beavers' Family. Y'all know he won't get it from me.


MCD said...

What a great post! He is adorable!

The Hugheys said...

LOVED all these pictures, Liz! Jacob is A-DOR-ABLE! Love him!

Mary Ellis said...

Liz- Loved getting to see all of your fun pics!!! I'm so proud you took my advice with the new post. So great to see you last weekend.

jwhite said...

you still got it :)

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